Episode 5x23 (show no. 519) - Infomercial.


”I’ll just have a little squeeze..”

”Ah, smooth!”

" I think we met in 1980… around the time that television was invented. Yeah, it was 1980. He was doing stand-up at the time, and I’d just started doing improv, and a mutual friend of ours got us together for an improv tournament. And pretty much from the very first second it was kinda magical… everything we did kinda worked, and it was a very relaxed relationship. It’s very odd… it’s kind of a strange relationship in a way. I just saw Ryan last week - he does this charity for burned children… it’s a burned children recovery program… - and he and I did a show, and that was the first time I’d talked to him in like three years. We never call each other, we see each other, you know, maybe once a year if we’re lucky, but when we do it’s like I just saw him yesterday. It’s a great relationship. I love the fact that I don’t have to talk to him."
Colin Mochrie, talking about Ryan Stiles, 2011. (via fuckyeahcaptainhair)

Party Quirks 


Ryan - “Was that lit?”

Colin - “Oh yeah, it was!”

Colin - “It would have been better if your head burst into flames!”


Show Stopping Number, with a classic Colin moment and Greg laughing his ass off in the background! XD

Bob’s Choice… 


Colin - “I need to tell you something Phyllis.”

Ryan - “Is it about the prostate exam?”

Colin - “Yes… I found your wedding ring.”

Ryan - “… Thank you.” [sings] “I took it off an hour ago, I was in a rut. How was I to know you’d find my ring inside his butt?”